Overall Experience Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Lake Calhoun

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I am not the kind of person who likes to write reviews but I believe this needs to be heard. I was very disappointed in my experience at Sports Clips today 2/18/18. First off, I arrived just before 10:00 am to find that the store was not even open yet. Meaning nobody was even at the store to be even close to being ready to open for business. Once they arrived at the store there were 3 of us outside waiting to get in. One customer called the store to see if they were opening at 10:00 am or not. It was confirmed that they were and she let us in so we didn't have to wait in the cold while she got ready for the day. Once she got ready about 10:30 am or so she called the first name that was on her waiting list. It wasn't even one of us 3 who were waiting outside. It was someone who had checked in online. After waiting for another 10-12 minutes another employee came to work and got ready for their shift. Once he was ready at about 10:45 am there were about 5 of us waiting in the lobby area and he had a tough time trying to figure out who had been waiting for the longest from us who had been there early to the online check in's. Once seated for my haircut I felt as though I was rushed through without even being asked if I wanted a wash or hot towel. Just haircut and on to the next person who was waiting to catch up. I really do feel bad for the girl who was opening up the store all by herself. I don't know the reason why she was late and I don't care.I think you should have more people staffed in case this situation would happen. She handled it very well but was slammed right off the bat. I am not sure if I will be visiting this store again which is sad because it is close to where I live and have usually had a good experience. Something to think about if you decide to visit this location.

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I'm glad to write that I had a great experience at sport clips, I previously had a not so great experience there and the owners personally took care of me.... The service was fast and friendly and my stylist Ashley was great thanks again and see you soon.😁😁😁

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